Mark Sargeant Leaves “Gordon Ramsay At Claridge’s”: Who Knew?

Posted by Sharon on May 20

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gordon-and-sargeNot long ago, the press was buzzing concerning the upcoming departure of Gillian Thompson, Chef Gordon Ramsay's head of operations at Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH), who will step down from that position to take another title as MD Contract Caterer at the Company of Cooks at the end of this month.

Today, even more questions are arising due to the discovery of another significant shift change in Chef Ramsay's all-star lineup: Head chef Mark Sargeant, a.k.a. "Sarge," no longer works at Claridge's. Reports confirm, in fact, that he has not been at the restaurant since 2007.

Chef Sargeant left his position at "Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's" and allowed for an internal promotion of chef de cuisine for Steve Allen, currently the head chef at Claridge's today.

So why the two-year delay in press coverage? Chef Ramsay's PR team confirmed that they have been keeping Sargeant's move hidden, likely due to the fact that Sargeant is still a featured Claridge's name on the Great British Menu.

Another interesting reason for the delay is that Ramsay's official website still listed Sargeant as head chef. Up until recently, patrons could still view Mark Sargeant's mini-biography under "Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's" listing under Head Chef. The link has recently been removed, but patrons can still find the page if they know where to look.

In an official statement released by Chef Ramsay's PR reps, Sargeant was said to have left on his own terms "in order to allow him more time to concentrate on the demands made by Gordon's publishing and television commitments."

But many fans and patrons still aren't satisfied with the truth being let out of the bag after two whole years. They are concerned, as ever, that GRH still holds to a "media first, chef second" mentality. And so it seems that GRH will have a lot on their plate, so to speak, to combat that mentality now more than ever.

Source: Hardens London Restaurant Guide

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