Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer

Digital 28 Quart 20010406

Posted by Cheyenne

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Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer If you want to do the fried turkey thing for Thanksgiving--without causing a giant fire--then this product is for you.

Is it worth it just to lug this monster fryer out of the garage once a year for the annual turkey? Well, if it's a tradition in your home and you use it year after year, the somewhat hefty fryer price will definitely be worth it.

It beats trying to fry a turkey any other way. This fryer is big enough for a 14-lb. turkey. And it's easy to use and clean. With the propane fryers you have to fry the turkey outside. (Not the best situation since it's always raining or cold on Thanksgiving where I live.) I guess for some people, the dangerous, elaborate, and kind of theatrical process of frying the turkey this way might be part of the fun. For me, I'll take safe over showy any day.

Apparently people use these fryers for other things--like as a giant 28-quart crock-pot for making crawfish and lobster boil, etc. But I don't partake in those activities that often, so for me this is a one-purpose fryer. If you fry food and entertain a lot-big batches of French fries, chicken wings, etc--you could use it for that, too.

They claim it is "countertop safe" so you can do it indoors. It still makes me nervous. Hot oil is so volatile. And using it outdoors could be risky with rain, etc. Maybe the garage is a good place for nervous types like myself to use it (with an extinguisher standing by).

When Consumer Reports tested various turkey frying methods, the electric fryer came out on top. They called the propane method something like "an accident waiting to happen."

Another bonus: Cooking your turkey in this fryer is fast. So it leaves your oven open for cooking side dishes. Figure on about 3 minutes per pound for your turkey, plus about 45 minutes to heat the oil thoroughly.

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  1. Teresa Rivera Says:

    the digital circuit board has went out on my masterbuild fryer model# 20010406. I have only use this product twice since I bought it and now need replace please call to tell me what I can do 770-572-3775. teresa rivera
    ps very disappointed in this product.

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