Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table Pasta Set

Copper 3 Piece Stainless Steel 7 Quart

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Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table PastaThe Mauviel pasta set includes a seven quart stockpot, a stainless steel colander insert, and a copper lid. The exterior is hammered copper, highly conductive and extremely efficient in delivering heat. The interior tin wash is created through a traditional process, not electrolytic deposit. The handles are bronze and securely fastened with copper rivets. A tight fitting lid keeps moisture inside the pot as you boil, sealing in nutrients and flavor. The set comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Hand washing is recommended.

Mauviel has its roots in a Norman French family business which was founded over 170 years ago. Their name is synonymous with excellence in copper cookware and is highly regarded by gourmet chefs and cooks who require that extra level of control over their ingredients.

The stockpot is perfect for far more than pasta preparation: steam vegetables, create stew, soups, or various kinds of stock. The 1.2 to 2 mm copper surface heats and cools rapidly, helping you precisely cook a variety of items. The pot is oven safe. Uniform heating ensures your dishes are cooked thoroughly and evenly from all sides. A Mauviel piece is a thing of functional beauty, one which will provide long lasting service to your kitchen.

This double boiler is part of the Cupretam set as well

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