Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table Wok

Copper Stainless Bronze Handles

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Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table Wok Mauviel has manufactured a highly efficient version of the traditional wok. Wok cooking requires high temperatures to stir fry, deep fry, braise, steam, simmer or roast items. Both intensity of heat and control over the degree of that heat are essential.

Mauviel's Cuprinox Pour La Table Wok provides exactly the environment necessary through the use of a 2 mm thick copper exterior. The construction and materials used allow heat to travel evenly across the pan, well into the sides. The sides flare widely with a relatively small flat spot on the bottom.

The interior is composed of non reactive stainless steel, capable of heavy use and cleaned easily once the meal is complete. The wok is equipped with a varnished long bronze handle, plus a carrying handle, both attached with stainless steel rivets. The wok has a polished exterior. Hand washing is recommended. The wok comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Mauviel began nearly 170 years ago in the Normandy region of France. Today, their facilities are state of the art, but it is still a family owned business. Mauviel is located in Villedieu Les Poeles (the city of copper), an historic location where traveling knights of the Crusades stopped and taught the craft of copper manufacture, still the center of such manufacturing today.

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  1. Foodmeister Says:

    Great for looks, but way pricey if you really want something authentic or functional. NO professional Asian restaurant would EVER use ths. It will not take seasoning and therefore will never be able to impart the effusive “wok hei” which defines a top chef, nor will it ever develop a natural nonstick surface. Proteins will stick like mad without use of copious amounts of oil. This wok defines form over function. Go with carbon steel, season it, and you’re way better off.