Mauviel Cuprinox Style Oval Frying Pan

Stainless Steel Skillet 14 Inch

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Mauviel Cuprinox Style Oval Frying Pan This Mauviel pan is the perfect size for constant use in the kitchen, capable of performing any number of tasks efficiently. The 2 mm copper exterior forms 90% of the pan body and its conductivity carries heat evenly and immediately to your food. Once removed from the heat source, these pans cool just as fast so that you are in no danger of overcooking your dishes as they rest.

The oval frying pan is great for lighter cooking with limited water. The non drip rim helps the cook transfer food and spoon or pour without leaving a trail. Stainless steel handles mounted by stainless steel rivets enhance an ergonomic design. The handles are made to stay cool as you cook because you want that heat to stay in the pan, not in the palm of your hand.

Mauviel cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the benefit of over 170 years of quality craftsmanship. Their French cookware company is highly regarded in the culinary community where copper is widely considered the best material when it comes to cooking. If you require that extra measure of control over your food's taste, texture and appearance, this polished gem is something at which you'll definitely want to take a second look.

Compare this with the oval frying pan from the Mauviel Pour La Table line.

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