Maverick Remote Check Wireless Digital Thermometer ET-7

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Maverick Remote Check Wireless DigitalThis is a great gadget for food geeks who like appliances with some cool factor. You don't really need this thermometer. You can use a traditional meat thermometer just fine. The process is simple enough. But this gizmo really does make the process easier.

It allows me to multitask in the kitchen and work on other dishes without worrying about overcooking the meat. You stick the thermometer in your meat and it beeps when the correct temperature is reached. It has a 100-foot reach so you can even go into the kitchen while you're grilling outside. So it's a great help when you're roasting meat on the grill. No running back and forth to my grill outside to check the meat's temperature every 5 minutes! Plus, you don't have to keep lifting up the grill lid, letting precious heat out.

You don't even have to look up the optimal meat temperature online to program this thing. Just choose the type of meat ("pork," "chicken," or "turkey," etc,), Then choose "rare," "medium-rare," etc.

As far as thermometers go, this Maverick one is pretty serious. It has two probes- one for the smoker/BBQ and the other for the meat. You can set heat limits on the smoker probe and it will notify you if the temperature goes outside those limits. You can set alarms for the meat temp, too.

I use it mostly for meat. But you can even use this probe thermometer with extremely high temperatures--for making candy, frying, etc. I usually try to fry at 375 degrees and this probe will go up to 500 degrees.

If you love to grill or cook meat, you will love this handy appliance.

Compare this with the CDN Digital Thermometer.

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