Maxam Kitchen Bakeware Set

Pastry 9 Piece Stainless Steel

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Maxam Kitchen Bakeware Set I am not a fan of bakeware sets. Especially those sets with a lot of items. I'm convinced that you get better cookware by selecting each piece individually, based on its own merits and your unique needs. I'm not a one-size-fits-all sort of gal -- some may even call me high-maintenance when it comes to cookware.)

This set is average. The cookie sheets are fine, although they are kind of light. I thought they would be heavier since they are made of "extra heavy" gauge steel. The cake pans are nice. The pizza sheet is useless to me since I prefer to simply use my pizza stone. Yes, I'm especially high-maintenance when it comes to my pizza. And, honestly, this is hardly a 9-piece set. They count each of the four measuring cups as a piece. And the measuring cups are so-so, too. Nothing to rave about.

I have seen this set priced at well over $100. I have seen it advertised for $50. And I have even seen it as low as $25. Now, at that lower price this set would be worth purchasing, just for the cake pans and baking sheets alone.

I've never had much luck with steel baking sheets and pans. I always end up tossing them out within six months. Next time I buy a set of steel, I'll be sure to use parchment paper to keep my cookie sheets nice and clean.

Maxam also offers an efficient Waterless Cookware Set.

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