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Bottom Freezer Chest | MFI2569SS

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Maytag Stainless Steel DigitalThis French-style refrigerator with bottom freezer from Maytag offers 24.8 cubic feet of compartmented storage plus water dispenser, ice maker, and digital controls. Several additional features increase the Maytag's energy efficiency and convenience.

Maytag's list of important features includes the QuietSeries 200 sound silencing system to reduce the noise of compressor and ice maker. Different operating modes include a setting for low cost running while you're away on vacation. The QuadCool feature eliminates hot and cold spots by monitoring temperatures in several locations and making adjustments as needed.

With one touch, you can trigger the Fast Cool cycle that lowers the temperature in both freezer and refrigerator to their minimum settings for 2 hours and then allows the temperature to rise to a normal operating level. That assures fast freezing and chilling of newly placed foods and prevents warm items from thawing food already in storage.

If power to the appliance is disrupted, an alarm will only sound if the internal temperature rises above a preset level for an hour or more -- if you have frequent power outages during storms, that may save quite a few middle-of-the-night wake ups. Temperature displays record the highest temperature reached during the outage.

The chest-style freezer compartment slides out for full access. This bin design holds cold air in place even while the drawer is open, saving energy and keeping food cold. If you forget to close the door, a chime sounds every few seconds. This kicks in only after the door has been open for more than five minutes, designed to remind you without being irritating.

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