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Messermeister Cheflamme ProfessionalThe Cheflamme Culinary Torch by Messermeister allows those finishing touches--like browning meats and caramelizing sugary toppings--that are critically important to both flavor and appearance. This fully adjustable butane canister torch heats the surface of foods with a light touch, browning peaks of meringue or sprinklings of sugar without heating the interior of the food.

Push button ignition makes lighting the torch a one-handed operation. The butane fuel in the torch's canister (shielded by a cool grip metal mesh handle) is triply refined, burning cleanly and leaving no residue on food. The run time of the Messermeister Cheflamme will depend on flame setting, with canisters typically lasting between 100 and 200 minutes. When the canister is empty, it's a simple operation to remove and replace the fuel container.

Uses for this professional quality tool are limited only by the user's imagination. Cheflamme torches have been used for sample serving touch ups by culinary photographers and even to finish surfaces of ice sculptures. The 2700 degree flame of this six inch chef's torch gives creme brulee the perfect caramelized crust you've wanted.

Child proof and fitted with a removable stand-up base, the Cheflamme also features safe and simple push button on and off operation.

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