Metrokane Rabbit Wine Tool Kit

Black Corkscrew 6 Piece Accessory Set

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Metrokane Rabbit Wine Tool Kit With this neat little kit, you get the performance of the Metrokane Rabbit, plus a few necessary extras for handling, opening, and storing wine.

The six piece kit includes an original Rabbit Corkscrew, a foil cutter, a drip stop ring, a wine/champagne sealer, wax remover, and an extra spiral. It comes in a presentation case and bears a ten year warranty. This would make a nice gift for a wine enthusiast, anyone who has trouble operating an old fashioned corkscrew, or for yourself.

Each of the items in the set has the same velvet, easy-grip finish as the Rabbit itself. Theoriginal Rabbit won many awards for design. In this version, the metal gear assembly of the corkscrew has been redesigned. The gear teeth are made of hardened metal. The device operates smoothly and works with regular and synthetic corks.

People love the Rabbit for its fast and effortless ability to pull corks intact and do so without brute force or crazy contortions on the part of the operator. It is a safer, far more effective way to gain access to your wine. Removing a cork takes only three seconds and the automatic cork release returns the cork to you intact. It's fun at parties, an interesting conversation piece, and it keeps the wine flowing.

If you just want the corkscrew sans set, click here.

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