Metrokane V1 World’s First Vacuum Wine Decanter

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Metrokane V1 World's First Vacuum WineThe V1 Vacuum Decanter allows you to preserve wine inside the decanter, so there's no need to funnel it back into the wine bottle. The set includes the decanter, vacuum stopper assembly, and the vacuum hand pump. The gauge signals when you have attained the proper pressure inside the decanter. The vacuum seal holds for days. The crystal decanter is fifty two ounces, hand blown, and lead free. It has been created with a thumb notch in the bottom of the vessel to aid in pouring. Metrokane warns against using the vacuum to seal other decanters as they aren't designed to handle the pressure.

Simply letting a bottle sit open doesn't allow enough of the surface to come in contact with air. Decanting entails pouring the wine into another vessel, bringing it into contact with oxygen, which enhances the flavor and aroma. Using a decanter allows a red wine to breathe and aerates the liquid. This method also serves white wine, but the effects are more subtle.

The process also allows sediment to settle out of the wine. If you suspect sediment may be a factor, allow the bottle to stand upright for a day, then pour the wine into your decanting vessel. Use of a small light behind the bottle's neck allows you to see any sediment when it stirs. Stop pouring until it has settled, then begin again. The remains of the bottle make a lovely addition to gravies.

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