Michael Symon Promotes New Wii Game “Cook Or Be Cooked”

Posted by Sharon on Aug 16

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cook or be cooked WiiAward-winning chef Michael Symon from "Iron Chef America" spent his weekend promoting a new video game for the Nintendo Wii console and creating basic dishes like chicken broccoli stir-fry for the audience -- in a virtual kitchen, of course.

That's because the new Food Network game to hit the shelves is a kitchen cooking simulator, complete with plenty of food challenges and celebrity chef judges.  It's called "Cook Or Be Cooked," and implements a Wiimote to simulate handheld cooking motions like whisking liquid, cracking an egg, coating a skillet with oil, or slicing a steak.

Symon spent a lot of time talking about how "Cook Or Be Cooked" is a good practice tool, and would be ideal for families who can have fun trying to make the real recipe in their own kitchen after playing the game.  The educational experience surpasses the learning curve of the Wiimote. Virtual chefs will learn all sorts of basic tips:  not to add too much salt to their dish, and to let the oil heat up completely in the skillet before adding ingredients, for example.

The final step in the game is presenting the dish to a panel of judges (one being Susie Fogelson from"The Next Food Network Star").  That's where the gamers discover if their meat is overseasoned, or if their pasta is undercooked. Getting the timing right is an essential facet of the game, and earns the most points for a job well done.

At the end of the game demo, Chef Symon shifted gears and re-created the game's chicken broccoli stir-fry dish in a live cooking demonstration for the audience -- which was well received by all who were able to sample it.

"Cook Or Be Cooked" is scheduled to be released sometime this fall.

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