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Miele All Refrigerator This refrigerator is smarter than I am when it comes to food storage. Miele's thirty-inch-wide model has won a number of awards for design, aesthetics, and technology. The reasons are obvious once you explore the way the unit actively works for you. The shelves and bins tilt, slide, and lock into place with one hand, making it possible for you to set the interior to fit your changing needs. Let me give you three other examples of their genius:

Would you know the best conditions to store that fresh produce you just purchased? Neither would I. The MasterCool feature allows you to choose the food you're storing from a menu for each of four zones. The refrigerator knows and adjusts the ideal temperature and humidity to fit. No chart needed, no research, no problem. The SmartFresh drawers also have adjustable temperature and humidity settings to prolong freshness.

Imagine you just left for a few days. Unnoticed, someone left the door of the fridge ajar or a component inside failed. Your expensive perishables are in a lot of trouble. With Remote Vision, your refrigerator will call out to Miele's monitoring center in the event that a major fault is detected. The center will contact you or your designee so that the problem can be fixed before you lose any items inside. This provides you with an added layer of protection, especially if you keep items which require a constant environment.

Have you ever filled your drink with ice, taken a sip, and tasted last night's fish? This unit has a dual compressor system. What this means is that air in the refrigerator isn't exchanged with air in the freezer. So if you have an aromatic dish, you won't taste it for days in your water or ice cubes.

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