Miele Plate & Cup Warmer Drawer

Black Glass, Stainless Steel EGW406014BL

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Miele Plate & Cup Warmer Drawer What is one of the most subtle but effective tricks a restaurant uses to get you a really hot plate of perfect food? They warm the plate. This warming drawer works with the several offerings in the Miele Oven and Coffee System lines. It comes in black glass or stainless steel and with a number of decorative handle choices. The drawer holds over fifty pounds and fully extends to allow access to all items inside

The drawer offers rapid convection heating with an adjustable temperature. Its open-sided design means better warming access without burning your hands on the drawer sides. An antislip insert pad protects your plates from the stainless steel drawer bottom and prevents damage to your dishes from sliding.

This provides your parties or everyday meals that added touch of detail, the bit of extra attention your guests will certainly notice. Warm cups for hot beverages; sustain the best serving temperature for coffee or to gently heat a brandy. Keep your delicate dishes at their utmost quality during service, letting the plate keep them hot as they're transferred. Better enjoy your morning toast as it stays just right to melt the butter because it isn't resting on a cool surface.

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