The Most Extravagant Dinner Parties in History

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Eighty-Four and Going Strong

Joe Hardy's PartySome people celebrate milestone birthdays at forty, fifty or even eighty. But when you've founded a company called "Eighty-Four," it makes sense to hold off for a few years.

Joe Hardy, CEO and founder of Eighty-Four Lumber, is a bit of a flamboyant guy. He's been quoted as saying "I want to die broke," which is no small feat when you're a billionaire. It helps to have three ex-wives -- the third of whom was more than sixty-years his junior at the time of their marriage -- and seven kids.

It was those kids who decided Joe should have the night of his life to celebrate his 84th birthday. And, on January 6th, 2007, they made it happen.

The entertainment that night featured Christine Aguilera singing "Happy Birthday," Bette Midler doing a comedy sketch, the cast of "A Chorus Line" putting on a show, and Robin Williams doing a surprise after-dinner routine.

The meal? Surf-and-turf for 500. Ho hum! But, if the party wasn't enough, Hardy went home with a baby hyena to remember it all by.

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