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Mr. Coffee Espresso Coffee Maker ComboThe venerable Mr. Coffee, not to be outdone by all these European upstarts, has added a coffee/espresso combo machine to their line of appliances. Trim and easy to use, but is it worth the money?

First the details. This unit is capable of brewing up to 8 cups of coffee on one side and a 4-shot pot of espresso on the other. The coffeemaker is of the "drip" variety and features a brew strength setting for wringing out the best flavor from the grounds. The espresso maker uses a steam-driven system and includes a milk frothing wand. The controls are simple, and it takes very little time to figure out how everything works. There is a removable water reservoir to facilitate filling at the tap, or you can just pour the water in from the top, as the markings are clearly visible.

The advantages of this combo unit are lacking, apart from the slight space saving convenience on the kitchen counter. The coffeemaker is rather small, and doesn't feature a timer for programmed brewing. You could do better with any $25 coffeemaker off the shelf. The espresso machine is average; what it produces is less true espresso and more strong coffee due to the lack of a pressure pump within.

The goal here is convenience of course, and for that there are many combo machines to choose from. This model has more negative reviews than positive from consumers. Leaking carafes, poor temperature control, and lack of steam pressure are some of the most common complaints. Mr. Coffee, we hoped for more from you.

On a positive note, you'll want to make sure you start your coffee-making routines on the right foot -- and for many, that means using a burr grinder.

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