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B000W0OFW2 nespressoCoffee is a religion. And for those of us who worship daily at the altar, the promise of better coffee and easier preparation will always get our attention. This espresso maker from Nespresso in Italy sounds like true coffee nirvana, albeit an expensive one. I mean, the machine is shaped like an altar. Coincidence? I think not.

First off, this model uses only Nespresso coffee pods. A small limitation, but not a bad thing as they are easily obtainable from retailers and online sources for about the same price as any pods on the market. You will definitely be paying more for the convenience but the time saved in preparing coffee grounds and cleaning up afterwards will be considerable. This will still garner you significant savings if it keeps you out of the coffee shops for your daily fix. Everything about the design of this machine is meant to quickly and easily shoot out a cup of rich Italian style espresso. Fill the 41-oz. water reservoir and turn unit on. Then add a single or double strength pod to the top and press the button. The coffee is dispensed into your cup, and the pod is ejected automatically into the collection chamber.

This package deal includes the Aeroccino Milk frother for easy one-touch frothing or heating of milk for your coffee drinks. Also included in the box are 12 assorted Nespresso coffee pods for you to get started.

This is one of the most popular machines used in Italian homes today; that alone would be enough to convince me of the quality. Or just ask any of the legions of fans of this machine. There are plenty worldwide.

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