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New Metro Design Stand Mixer WhiteThe New Metro Design Beater Blade is a product I can really say is worth the price. The beater blade meets every one of the basic criteria I look for in an effective product: it is fast, it cleans easily, it saves work, and it fits a number of brands and models, so I don't have to buy another blade if I decide to trade in my old mixer.

This item has won acclaim from a number of design and cooking professionals. Rubber wings constantly scrape the mixing bowl as the blade is in motion, eliminating the need to stop, scrape by hand, and restart. Not only that, it cuts mixing time in half. Just about the only thing it isn't made for is thicker dough like bread or an exceptionally heavy cookie batter, though there are some who say it works for them.

The blade cleans in the dishwasher. That alone is an improvement, as some model mixers have a standard beater which can only be hand washed. It is also made in the USA, which becomes a greater point in its favor almost day by day as the news features stories of dangerous imported products and our own economy struggles, needing all the support it can get.

While there have been complaints about the small adjustment which may accompany attaching the blade to a particular machine, it is a simple process that the Beater Blade website makes foolproof with step by step instructions for each brand, with photos.

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