New Research Survey Places Trust In Jamie Oliver Over Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson

YouGov Poll Favors Oliver For Recipe Inspiration

Posted by on Nov 15

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In a recent poll conducted by the UK's YouGov, researchers found that home cooks trust the recipe advice of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver first over other celebrities named, including Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, and James Martin.

Hannah Van Bergen, marketing manager at YouGov, said, “Our poll shows that when it comes to choosing new recipes, the British public value Jamie Oliver’s ideas and suggestions more than any other celebrity chef." The majority of Oliver's positive votes were gathered from the 40-59 age demographic.

Yet a deeper study during the poll revealed that some home cooks prefer not to look to a celebrity chef at all -- they'd rather get their cooking advice from a trusted family member. This truly home-cooking trend occurred the most with 18- to 24-year-olds. The poll revealed that 20% of young adults preferred to consult family while 6% would choose Oliver's recipe ideas, and a mere 1% would turn to Smith for advice.

The trend may come as a surprise to those expecting a wave of celebrity fanfare in all forms from younger generations, but Van Bergen said, "Although overall nearly the same proportion of people most value new recipe ideas from celebrity chefs as from people close to them (such as family and friends), 18- to 24-year-olds are the generation placing the most value on ideas from people they know rather than celebrities.”


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