Nissan Stainless Steel Thermos

Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Cup Large 34 oz.

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Nissan Stainless Steel Thermos A couple weeks ago, I bought a stainless steel water bottle for a friend. She was always complaining of the "plasticky" taste after her drinks were left inside for hours -- not to mention they'd be piping hot after sitting in the car.

I had some cash to spare and I bought her an early Christmas present. Though, if I'd taken the time to look around, and not just spent that cash for the first thing I saw, I could have gotten something bigger and better -- like this Nissan Stainless Steel Thermos.

What I like about this sleek beverage holder is that it's made from stainless steel and is not just insulated but vacuum-sealed as well. Cold drinks actually stay cold. Hot coffee doesn't go lukewarm by the time you've arrived at the office.

The thermos holds 34 ounces worth of liquid -- that's enough to feed a family of 4. The lid twists off easily and screws back on to lock in that vacuum seal. It's touted as a "briefcase bottle," so it's tall enough to fit in most executive carry cases without getting knocked over.

One drawback I see is that it's not dishwasher safe. This thermos must be washed by hand, but that's pretty easy to do. Just fill it with hot, soapy water and shake it around like you're mixing a June Bug or Cosmopolitan Citron.

Lately, I've been seeing some great deals online for these Nissan thermoses, so if you're in the market, definitely keep these in mind.

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