Nordic Ware Bakeware Set

Compact 3 Piece Toaster Oven Pan

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Nordic Ware Bakeware Set Get ready to test the culinary limits of your toaster oven! This set is the perfect size for toaster ovens. So it's perfect for dorm-room chefs, RV and boat gourmands, and other space-challenged cooks. We could use one at my office come to think of it.

These three bakeware items are very versatile, too. You have a baking sheet, a casserole/roast dish, and a rack that you can use to grill fish, chicken, steaks, etc. (That rack could double as a cooling rack for cookies, too.)

The bakeware is tiny. It truly is toaster-oven sized. When I hold the little cookie sheet in my hands I feel like a giant. The quality is so-so. It feels a little flimsy. But I guess I expect less from a compact bakeware set than I would from a full-sized and full-featured set for my conventional oven.

The dark nonstick finish is problematic. A lot of people complain that it flakes right off. I haven't experienced that, but I haven't scrubbed them or used metal utensils, etc. My main issue is the color of the finish. Dark-colored bakeware usually leads to over-browned food. And that leads to pans with crusted-on food that are difficult to clean. So I only use light-to-medium colored bakeware anymore.

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