Norpro 94 Food Compost Keeper

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Norpro 94 Food Compost Keeper Everyone appreciates the idea of composting, that is rather than sending our organic kitchen waste to the landfill we convert it into rich garden mulch. However, in practice, most of us just can't get past the gross factor of hanging on to our kitchen scraps.

To make the kitchen collection process easier, Norpro has come out with a stainless steel container for all your food scraps and biodegradable waste. It looks just like a little steel trash can with one exception- the charcoal odor filter built into the lid. This is meant to overcome one of the main concerns with the collection of food junk, that of the stink produced by days old egg shells, potato peelings, and such. The filter is meant to keep working at odor control for up to six months before needing to be replaced. The lid fits snugly, and features a center knob handle for one-handed removal. While this promises to keep the odors under control, you'll still want to empty and clean this out often or you will be in for a stinky surprise as soon as you remove that lid.

You'll want to educate yourself a bit about composting before embarking on this enterprise; it has many benefits for you and your garden, as long as you avoid trying to compost chemically treated products (bad for you) or meat waste and scraps (bad for the compost).

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