Norpro Pasta Drying Rack

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Norpro Pasta Kitchen Drying Rack There are several ways to dry fresh pasta. I used to hang my pasta from a towel rack. A wooden dish rack could work, too. And I know someone who dried his pasta on a broom laid across two chairs.

The Norpro Pasta Drying Rack is a much easier way.

If you want to make fresh pasta, a drying rack is a must. It's just so much more convenient, particularly if you lack counter space.

Even the longest fresh fettuccine or linguine won't touch the counter when draped on the arms of this sturdy pasta drying rack. The rack stands tall (16-1/2 inches). And it has a stable base so it won't fall over. You can take it apart for storage very easily. I love that I can store it in a drawer.

The racks (the little spokes) are close together but they are at good angles, so the pasta strands don't touch one another while they're drying.

It's sturdy, too. I could even hang lasagna noodles off it, I think. I guess I had better try that. I'll think of almost any reason to make lasagna, though. Is Jupiter rising? The moon waning? Then it must be lasagna time!

It is not a large rack. It's probably big enough to hold about four servings of pasta. So you may want to get two.

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