Nostalgia Electrics Dough-Nu-Matic Doughnut Maker DON-100

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Nostalgia Electrics Dough-Nu-MaticWho needs Krispy Kreme when you can have a Dough-Nu-Matic? Okay, maybe the name itself isn't a selling point. But having fresh doughnuts with little mess without having to drive anywhere- now that is a serious selling point.

Nostalgia Electric's Dough-Nu-Matic Doughnut Maker forms, fries, and drains scrumptious mini-donuts in less than a minute. All you have to do is pour in the dough, and Dough-Nu-Matic does the rest.

Once the donuts are finished, put them in a bag with the topping of your choice- powdered sugar, cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon-- then shake things up a bit, and you're ready to do some serious dunking.

A dial adjusts the cooking temperature, and the enclosed oil fryer keeps cleanup to a minimum. The unit measures 22-4/5 by 7 by 14 inches and comes with a 90-day warranty.

These donuts are perfect for a party, a visit from the grandkids, as a fundraising means, or just for a special weekend treat. But you must be careful. A diet of donuts could have you looking like a donut hole in no time at all. Better to sell those donuts as a fundraiser or use them to fatten up the grandkids.

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