Nostalgia Peanut Butter Machine

Food Processor Grinder PBM-200

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Nostalgia Peanut Butter Machine Fresh ground peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter--the list goes on. If you think there's no difference in quality between this and the nut butter you get in a jar, you haven't had the fresh version. Take a look at the label of any popular brand and you'll probably find refined sugar and extra oil in the ingredients list.

Now, with the Nostalgia PBM-200, you can have the fresh healthy version of this old American staple right at home. Well, you can if you're really careful. Tthe PBM-200 isn't the heavy duty version you may be used to if you shop at natural food grocers.

Read the manual and right away you see the problem. To use this machine, you need to chop the nuts first. It's underpowered to the extent that it can't handle large peanuts without help, never mind cashews and almonds. It does work, but only if you baby it; and if you push past its marginal limits you may get peanut butter slightly tainted with machine oil, the result of overheating the works.

Although it has a nice retro design that many people do enjoy, the PBM isn't likely to work well enough under the best of conditions to qualify as a regularly used appliance. The extra prep work required, as well as the difficulty of cleaning the inaccessible interior, make this device cuter than it is practical.

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