Nuance Marcus Vagnby Cheese Slicer

Stainless Steel Manual Handle

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Nuance Marcus Vagnby Cheese Slicer This patented wire blade Cheese Slicer from Nuance is more than the usual wire knife and cutting board. Designed for storage and serving as well as slicing, the patented system creates stacks of uniform slices of medium soft cheeses like Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and American.

It's always cheaper to buy blocks of cheese than stacks of individually wrapped slices--you pay extra for the convenient packaging. It's not quite so sensible to buy that block when you cut uneven chunks three or four times the size of pre-cut sandwich slices. The Nuance Cheese Slicer is built to produce those same uniform slices at home with a minimum of fuss.

Place a block of suitable cheese on the stainless steel base (hard cheeses will not work here--most require grating instead) and adjust the movable stop to just below the level of the first cut. Turn the wire blade into the block slowly. The threaded rod that guides the wire knife automatically lowers the cut and controls thickness. Slices settle onto the stack and stay in place. As you work, lower the stop. When you're done place the cover over the slicer with the cheese still on it and store in the refrigerator. The thick metal base stays cool while serving, keeping the cheese cool while the cover is in place.

The vulnerable part of the machine is the wire knife, but if that thread of metal breaks, the Nuance blade is easily replaceable.

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