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Nuwave Infrared Countertop ConvectionWhenever a product is advertised "As Seen on TV," I tend to be dubious of the claims. The Nuwave Infrared Oven may not revolutionize your life, but it does a good job of cooking a variety of foods without heating up the kitchen, once you learn its ways.

The main energy sources in this oven are the infrared heating elements. They send out waves of energy that only penetrate solid, permeable objects like food. I remember an old infrared heater in our bathroom. It didn't warm the room at all, but it you stood in front of it, WOW. Same principle here. That's why this can cook foods without casting off waste heat like a conventional oven. Add to this a convection fan to circulate the air around the food, and you get a rather efficient cooking unit. This will certainly get some attention while roasting a turkey or ham right on the dining room table. All the controls are located on the top of this oven for easy access. One thing I noticed about this is that it seems a bit flimsy and lightweight for the size. Being mostly plastic, that is to be expected. All the parts besides the power head are dishwasher safe. The oven comes with two cooking racks and extender rings to enable the cooking of multiple items or facilitate roasting a large turkey.

This oven works in a unique way, unlike a conventional oven or a microwave. Foods cooked retain more moisture due to the sealed nature of the housing, which is great for tender meats -- not so good for crispy fried chicken. Some foods do cook considerably quicker than you might be used to, so familiarize yourself with the instructions for best results.

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