Old Stone Pizza Stone

Baking Sheet | Kitchen Cookware 14 by 16 inch

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Old Stone Oven Pizza Baking Sheet This pizza stone has given me the crispy, thin-crust pizza I had dreamed of making. Crank your oven up to a very high temperature (500 degrees) and it makes perfect pizza crust. It's like turning your conventional oven into a wood-fired oven.

It's easy to use and clean. The pizzas slide right off the stone's surface. Mine has a lot of stains and discoloration but it doesn't affect how well it works. I like this one because it is very large, too. The giant rectangular shape fits a large pizza or a couple smaller ones.

I leave my pizza stone in the oven pretty much all the time now. (I don't cook everything on it; just pizza and bread.) I think everything cooks better with this stone in my oven. It's like a heat reservoir that keeps the temperature from fluctuating.

Plus, the pizza stone is large and heavy and hard to store. That is the one drawback. If you didn't keep it in your oven, you may have trouble finding another place to store it.

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