Olde Thompson Square Spice Rack

Stainless Steel Carousel 20 Jar

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Olde Thompson Square Spice Rack The Olde Thompson 20 Jar Square Spice Rack has a Lazy Susan design with a sturdy stainless steel carrying handle, top, and base. The rack is well built for transport or display on the counter top. The jars come filled with a colorful array of fresh, useful spices with the name of each lettered onto the jar lid. The jar covers come equipped with flip lids which give access to pouring or shaking outlets for dispensing.

Olde Thompson goes above and beyond in their customer service, offering a full list of available spices on their website. For each one of their fine herbs and spices, the origin, shelf life, possible uses, and a thorough description are listed, as part of their commitment to provide customers with the benefit of the company's sixty years of history and experience. Olde Thompson carries replacement parts should any be lost or damaged.

The jars are cylindrically shaped and made to slide safely into rounded holders on the base in groups of five. This lets you organize your choices into groupings which make sense for the way you cook. Store those you bake with together, keep meat seasonings in one side, or group your favorites toward the front for quick retrieval.

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