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OSO Fresh Stackable, Air Tight FoodAll of us have had the experience of going into the vegetable bin to pull out the basil (or parsley, or strawberries or other 'fragile' produce) only to find it has decayed. Plastic bags sometimes help, or - at other times - seem to turn any natural moisture into mold. Growing your own produce would be an ideal solution: just run into the garden to pick before cooking, but how many of us urban- or suburbanites can manage that convenience?

At last, a proposed solution... OSO Fresh Silver-Infused Everyday Plastic Storage Containers claim to work on the same principle as that old trick of placing that silver spoon your grandmother left you in with your spinach in the produce bin. The plastic in these containers has been infused with silver threads (too fine to be detected with the naked eye). Evidently, silver acts as an anti-microbial agent absorbing the ethylene gas produced by vegetable and fruit decay. Who knew?

Packaged individually or in sets, these green - or sometimes yellow - snap-and-lock containers purport to reduce bacteria by 99% over a 24-hour period. Containers stack neatly together minimizing the need for excess storage space. They are labeled safe for microwave, freezer and dishwasher use.

But do they actually work? I tested them out, storing some strawberries in one OSO Fresh container and some sugar snap peas in another. Two weeks later, the strawberries had aged quite well. Maybe not as fresh as the day I put them in, and perhaps a little dry, but not bad for two weeks. The sugar snap peas held up even better. Similar items placed in conventional containers did not fare nearly as well as the ones in OSO Fresh.

Am I ready to throw out those old yogurt tubs, margarine bins and other mismatched plastic odds and ends in favor of these? I think I just might be.

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