Oster BCCG08 Blender Review

Ice Crusher w/ Glass Jar, 6 Cup Dishwasher Safe

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Oster BCCG08 Blender Review Although its price is hard to beat, the Oster BCCG08 is a blender I would only recommend as an "occasional use" purchase. You'll probably be able to find it for a steal of a deal -- then again, there's always a reason behind that.

What the BCCG08 does have going for it is a sharp stainless steel ice crushing blade complete with a separate ice crusher setting on the base. Smoothies and frozen drinks are what a blender is often used for, so an ice crusher can be an invaluable feature. Another stand-out to me is the BPA-free glass jar, which is also dishwasher safe. Drinks just taste better out of a glass than in plastic, I've found.

The construction features "all metal drive" and has been tested and approved for thermal shock (i.e. able to withstand both hot and cold extreme temperatures). Speed choices are well varied; the slowest blending option really is slow, not just "kinda fast."

Here's where concerns start to pop up, though. The motor is only 450 watts, which is a safe mid-grade option, but I ideally like to look for blenders that are 500 watts or more. Any less than that, and the blender should only be used occasionally for short bursts of time to extend its life.

Another feature that bugs me is the base. It's narrow, short, and isn't very heavy. Needless to say, the thing wobbles whenever the blender is turned on, and it could be unsafe if left unattended.

Can't beat a cheap price, though. And if you've still got your heart set on a bargain, I recommend taking a peek at the Oster Beehive blender as well -- or, for a mid-priced option, the KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender. That's a blender you could safely use every day without a care in the world, since it's almost a full horsepower strong.

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