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Oster ExpressBake Bread Machine Everyone loves fresh baked bread, but what a chore it is--from mixing to cleanup home baked bread can be an all day job. The Oster ExpressBake turns that job into a simple process of adding ingredients and setting a three step program. In one hour you'll be greeted with your first loaf of fresh hot bread. With fifty included recipes, eighteen settings and three crust color selections you'll never grow tired of the fruits of this labor.

The Oster 5838 makes 1 lb loaves, 1.5 lbs and a hefty 2 pounder big enough for a family. A thirteen hour delay feature lets you start bread at night or before you leave for work, so the bread is ready when you are ready to eat. A sixty minute keep warm cycle ensures you have plenty of opportunity for that fresh baked flavor.

When it built the Oster ExpressBake, the company's goal was a perfect loaf every time. Does the 5838 actually deliver what Oster promises? In many cases, yes. Customers do complain of a learning curve even for those with bread machine experience. The mixing paddle tears up the bottom crust when the loaf is removed from the pan. And yes, you'll still have to walk softly when the bread is rising, otherwise you'll have the all too familiar fallen plank bread instead of perfection.

Mechanically, customer reports show that when it works properly and the owners cooperate everything is good. The few machines that are faulty won't do anything right--usually the electronic control system is the problem. Customer service has been haphazard when units do fail. Deal with returns or warranty issues quickly if results don't meet your expectations. If you don't get good bread after trying a few times (not a hundred) then something is wrong.

Here's another programmable breadmaker from Sunbeam.

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