Outset Jackson Steak Knife Set

Kitchen 4 Piece Stainless Full Tang QJ91

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Outset Jackson Steak Knife Set Definitely the right steak knife set for a Texas style barbecue, this four knife collection looks like it would be at home in a belt sheath as well as a backyard picnic table. With wide and heavy forged blades, bolsters, and end caps these knives are built strong enough for the trail--although the stainless steel is more appropriate for the table.

With full rat tail tang construction and polished rosewood handles, there are still some details that look a bit rough--the grind of the edges not quite symmetrical and the lines of the handles a little too bulky. If you call that country style I suppose it's good enough, but the farther out in the country you go, the more people care about knives. To me they look a little unfinished.

Blades are combination edged, with a fine edge section at the tip and near the bolster and fine toothed serrations on the belly of the blade that does the actual cutting. This will be serviceable, but upkeep of the edge won't really be possible. Serrated edges are often marketed as never needing sharpening, but they quickly become sawing tools rather than cutting tools, especially when you drag them across porcelain. There's no question that they'll work, though.

With steak knives it really often is all about style and whether they match the settings you own or the atmosphere you enjoy. This is a strong set of knives with a bold country look that may fit your tastes exactly.

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