OXO SoftWorks Kitchen Plastic Mixing Bowl Set 3 Piece

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OXO SoftWorks Kitchen Plastic MixingThese bowls from OXO SoftWorks are so smartly designed that after using them you begin to wish that every tool in your kitchen had a cool little black rubber handle on it. My first thought was that they looked like something from the kitchen on Star Trek.

We all have a few plastic bowls in the cupboard. They serve the purpose intended, without fanfare. As such, the thought of radically improving the usefulness of the lowly plastic mixing bowl has eluded most manufacturers. Until now...(cue music.)

Okay. In all seriousness, this mixing bowl set has some pretty neat stuff going on. There's the rubber non-skid base to keep the bowl from sliding around your countertop while you, or your little chef making his first batch of cookies, stir up the contents. There's also an extremely useful pour spout, plus that rubber handle is on only one side for easy gripping and maneuvering when the bowl is full of stuff. These are the ideal shapes for blending ingredients with a mixer: a wide bowl with a highly stable base and vertical sides.

There are many advantages to plastic mixing bowls in the kitchen. They're lightweight, more or less unbreakable with normal use, and they will not chemically react with highly acidic foods as metal bowls can. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

A couple things to mention here: these are not microwave safe for heating foods, and the set does not come with lids. The unique handle and spout make it a challenge to cover these for storage so these should not be considered for that purpose. Also, the white color can be stained over time so best to wash these promptly after using them. All in all, these would be a great addition to your spaceship -Er, I mean kitchen.

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