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Kitchen Food Storage Plastic 4 Quart

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OXO Square Container Oh to have an organized kitchen. It must be every cook's dream, right? It was certainly my husband's dream, which is why we bought dozens of square storage containers with gift money given to us during the holidays.

Oh to be square! There is a distinct advantage to square containers. It's called efficiency. Don't waste precious cabinet space with round storage jars. It makes no sense. Besides, haven't you heard: it's hip to be square.

OXO's Square 4-Quart Storage Container is only one of many square containers made by OXO. I recommend getting a medley of sizes. The 4-quart container is perfect for storing a 5-pound bag of flour. But you'll likely want 2, because you'll need somewhere to store that 5-pound bag of sugar, right?

OXO's unique push-button mechanism provides an airtight seal with the touch of your finger keeping your dry goods just that- dry. The pop-up button also doubles as a handle to lift the lid from the jar, providing you with easy access. The containers are top-rack dishwasher safe.

All in all, the OXO 4-Quart Storage Container is a square deal. I know it's a terrible pun, but it's true, so stop looking around and get to organizing that kitchen. And while your at it, you might also want some to organize your bathroom. Or garage. Or play room. Or....

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