Paderno World Cuisine Salmon Knife

Sushi Stainless Full Tang Granton 11 7/8 Inch

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Paderno World Cuisine Salmon Knife From Paderno World Cuisine, this 11 7/8" full tang salmon slicing knife has all the features that specialty blade truly needs. But with the limited one year warranty Paderno provides, you'll need to follow the rules.

Specifically designed for slicing thin perfect sheets of salmon from a smoked fillet, this slicing knife can be used for other kitchen tasks such as carving meat, boning ham, or carving poultry. The extra blade length will be useful for shaving boneless slices from accessible areas, but for piercing and trimming you'll need a blade with more point and stiffness. This knife has a rounded point and has been made for edge cutting only, .

Hone the blade carefully before trying it out on expensive cuts of salmon, because for acceptable results it will need to be razor sharp. The many granton style hollows will help reduce friction and lubricate the cut. The forged construction gives the blade some stiffness, but there will still be flexing in a knife this long and thin. Accuracy comes from a light touch as well as a sharp blade.

The Paderno Salmon Slicing knife is well made, using a full tang slab handle construction that is thoroughly tested and reliable, but the company's warranty leaves no room for customer error. Blemishes, abuse, and breakage are just a few of the problems not covered.

You may also need a boning knife in your seafood cutlery collection.

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