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Palmer Pizzelle Iron Maker There's more than one way to make a pizzelle. Some cooks prefer the easy way, i.e. pouring batter into a non-stick electric appliance and waiting a few seconds until it's ready to eat. And some cooks prefer traditional, tried-and-true methods of using cast iron or cast aluminum appliances that produce a texture better than Grandma used to make.

This Palmer Pizzelle Iron falls into the latter category. Its chrome exterior houses plates made from cast aluminum, which do not come pre-seasoned or coated with any non-stick material. The lack of modernization makes this pizzelle maker a bit harder to work with for beginners. But chefs that know how to work with cast metals rarely use any other method, claiming that the crisp textures and even cooking distribution can't be replicated any other way. And for that, the Palmer receives high marks from critics and customers alike.

Chefs who are used to using a traditional handheld iron for pizzelles may find the Palmer to be an acceptable upgrade. Cookies measure 5 inches and are high-ribbed. It makes two pizzelles at a time, and Palmer claims that it cuts baking time in half as well. This pizzelle maker also comes with a 10-year warranty, and replacement parts do exist via contacting Palmer directly.

The Palmer is also a healthy and eco-friendly option for pizzelle lovers, since it is manufactured without the use of Teflon or other chemicals used in non-stick coatings. This tidbit alone can sway chefs away from a hassle-free appliance, instead choosing a pizzelle maker that takes a bit more work to maintain for the sake of their health.

If you'd like to compare the Palmer Pizzelle Iron with a hassle-free, non-stick pizzelle maker, check out this model from Cuisinart.

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