Peanut Butter Caterpillar Candies

Fun & Easy Halloween Snack Treats For Kids

Posted by Sharon

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These are fun little snacks that any child can make. You can take the fun even further by creating a caterpillar playground – let your kids smash up some chocolate cookies for dirt, add green food coloring to some coconut to make green grass, or simply add an apple in the center for the caterpillars to play around.


  • 28 miniature round peanut-butter-filled crackers
  • 2 Tbsp. creamy peanut butter
  • 8 miniature semisweet chocolate chips
  • 8 (1-in.) pieces of black licorice
  • 32 miniature candy-coated baking chips
  • Red decorating gel


Spread one side of 24 crackers with a little peanut butter. Stack 6 crackers together (peanut butter sides up) so that the peanut butter holds the crackers together. Place the cracker that has no peanut butter on it on the very top. Lay the stacks of crackers on their sides and carefully twist them to form a caterpillar. Use a little peanut butter to attach 2 chocolate chips to each top cracker to make eyes. Stick 2 pieces of the licorice behind the first cracker into the peanut butter to make antennae. Attach the candy baking bits with peanut butter to make legs. Use the red decorating gel to form a mouth. Makes 4 caterpillars.

Preparation Time:  approximately 30 minutes
Total Time: approximately 30 minutes

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