Perfect Pod Coffee K-Cup Maker w/ Filter Set

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Perfect Pod Coffee K-Cup Maker w/With the economy up and down, everyone is looking for ways to spend less without cutting all of the little joys out of their daily lives. The Perfect Pod Maker allows you to make your own pods at home in just seconds using the coffee or tea blend of your choice. Choose an old favorite or find the best deal on price.

You're no longer limited to the flavors and brands carried by the local shop and you don't have to wait for deliveries. Make one at a time or create several pods in advance so they're ready when you need one. Increase the strength by adding a bit more coffee, something you can't do with prepackaged pods or cups. There are a number of inventive flavored coffee recipes available if you like to experiment.

The design is simple but highly effective. Take an empty pod, add your coffee, close the lid, and the unit forms a complete, tight seal. People use the machine to make both single and double pods and to make homemade tea bags, saving themselves the hassle of straining. A reusable pod holster is available for K-cup machines. A cheaper cup of higher quality coffee. Who could argue with that?

Here's a pod coffeemaker gift set that includes a couple packs of Senseo coffee as well.

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