Peugeot Tidore Nutmeg Grinder

Clear Acrylic Spice Mill Shaver

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Peugeot Tidore Nutmeg Grinder Peugeot's Tidore Nutmeg Shaver is a spice mill with an exterior made of clear acrylic. The clear exterior allows you to readily identify the type of spice in the mill. The rounded form of the shaver fits well in the hand and you can tell just by looking that it is heavy duty. To clean, simply wipe the outside of the unit with a damp cloth. There is a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, which is made of case hardened steel. The grating and shaving blades are made of stainless steel and the whole mill is covered under warranty for two years.

The set comes with seven nutmeg nuts. Good cooks know the vast difference between fresh and stored spices. A level of flavor can't be preserved or achieved which matches that of spices prepared to order. Get a fine shave from the nuts to top or flavor drinks, dishes or desserts.

This handy little tool is made in France. Peugeot mills have adjustable grinds, are easy to fill, and carry a lifetime warranty. Their tools are made to fit the specific requirements of a particular type of spice. The company has been making grinding mechanisms since 1842. Their products have designs to fit almost any taste or decor.

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