Pinzon Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set

Stainless Steel Canister 8 Piece

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Pinzon Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set This eight piece set includes six different spatulas: one large, two medium, one spoon head, and two scraper type spatulas, a basting brush and a double walled stainless steel canister. Their silicone heads are heat resistant to 428-480 degrees; they won't melt or discolor from such heat. These tools are fantastic for nonstick cookware as they won't scratch or mar the surfaces.

The handles are made from stainless steel and include holes for optional hanging storage. The handles are contrasted by colorful silicone heads. Never fear- mix, baste, scoop, flip eggs, or dig deep into hot foods or cookware. The tools are imported items and are dishwasher safe.

This striking matching set works hard and looks interesting on your countertop. Most customers preferred these to their wooden spoons or plastic spatulas. The heavy handles help keep them in place during dishwasher cleanup. Beware of heat gathering in the handles as you work, and of water getting trapped there during the washing cycle. Some people like that they can detach the heads from the handles, some don't like that this happens.

These tools really get into the bottom of cans and bowls. It is great to be able to work deep in a hot pan or dish that's cooking and not have to worry that the utensil will melt. Customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with the set.

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