Polder 2 Step Folding Stool

Small Non-Skid Stepladder Without Rail

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Polder 2 Step Folding Stool Every kitchen needs a step-ladder. The Polder 2 Step Stool without Rail offers convenient access to the elusive top shelf we all know in a compact and sturdy fold-away design. The metal construction is strong, resting on non-skid feet which won't mar the kitchen floor. Steps are stable molded plastic with plenty of reinforcement.

The maximum load of this two step ladder is 225 pounds. If your weight approaches or exceeds that, this isn't a good choice. The profusion of labels that cover the Polder 2 Step when it arrives attest to the many people who have suffered mishaps and falls while working on ladders of all sorts. This is always a step that should be taken seriously. Compared to many of the shaky wooden versions I've seen and balanced precariously upon, this design from Polder is a wonder and a great improvement. It's still not foolproof.

Polder's folding procedure isn't instinctive -- the extra rods which do create more stability and support in use also add to the challenge when putting the ladder away. The Polder step-ladder folds to a small profile which slips neatly between cabinets or into the back of a storage closet, but be cautious about where you put your fingers when folding the ladder. Properly done, the thickness of the final package is only 1-1/2 inches.

In operating form, the 17-inch height of the top step allows access to most high storage areas. Steps of 12 inches by 8 inches give enough room for placement of both feet with a textured non-skid surface to stand upon. Once open, the ladder will not accidentally fold under load -- the design automatically locks into the open position.

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