Polder Kitchen Dish Drying Rack

Stainless Steel Adjustable w/ Rubber

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Polder Kitchen Dish Drying Rack This model dish rack sits over sinks between 15 and 27.5 inches wide to allow up to 10 dishes to dry conveniently, saving counter space. Made of rust proof stainless steel, the rack rests on four rubber coated feet or rubber coated extended arms. A wonderful space saver for small homes or apartment settings, especially if you lack free space or kitchen surfaces. Dishes can dry without requiring a mat underneath to catch the water as it drips because the rack can straddle your kitchen sink or rest directly on the bottom of the sink on extended feet. Rubber covers protect your sink and counters from damage or scrapes. This model also folds for handy storage when not in use.

Customers were disappointed to find the rack tended to rust with only a few months' use. Users found that it didn't readily support heavier dishes and doesn't include a utensil cup, which can allow silverware to fall through the slatted sides and bottom. The design is shallow, made for a small sink area, but this only explains some of the issues leading to negative reception. Overall the product was disappointing as it failed to perform the basic necessary functions of a dish draining rack and proved undependable.

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