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Porsche Chroma 301 Vegetable Knife This small (6 1/4" cutting edge) Type 301 vegetable knife from Chroma Cutlery combines the familiar blade style of a cook's knife with the ergonomic solid stainless (18/10) steel handle that won designer F. A. Porsche several awards. Chefs sometimes choose cook's knives based on hand size, the heavier versions too much for some to handle without fatigue--that's not a factor here. Large or small, the Chroma Type 301 series is built to reduce fatigue and carpal stress. Sometimes a smaller blade just makes good sense, and now you have reason to buy one.

The handle design is unfamiliar to any of us, no matter what side of the world we grew up on--the dovetail shape of the handle, horizontally flared towards the end and vertically flared up front, fits the hand so well that it quickly makes believers out of users. A small stainless steel pearl set at the junction of handle and blade serves as a bolster, providing just enough resistance to keep our fingers where they should be without adding weight and bulk.

The thin 301 alloy blades of this series are not designed for chopping bone or cutting up frozen food. Chroma has a cutting philosophy and built knives around it. No sharpening steel; use only wood or nylon cutting boards; sharpen it only with an approved flat stone; and both wash and dry by hand. That's really not much different than the way we should treat any kitchen knife, but the special alloy, custom hand grind, and thin cutting edge that makes these knives special requires an extra level of care from us.

In return, you get an extremely efficient vegetable slicing knife that will hold an edge for six months in the average kitchen.

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