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Prime Pacific Bread Box I don't often see bread boxes in people's homes anymore. I don't know why. I doubt that people are eating any less bread. Some bread can be kept in the refrigerator, of course, but most breads will dry out that way.

Since we got our KitchenAid stand mixer, my husband has been baking a lot of bread. We also live three blocks from an exceptionally good bakery, and we both have a weakness for bread and olive oil, bread and cheese, challah french toast soaked in coconut milk, fresh ground cardamom, and orange zest. Oh, I could go on and on.

Our tendency to wrap bread in a paper bag within a plastic bag (or vice versa) to keep it fresh longer seems to be effective, but it certainly isn't attractive. Far from it in fact.

A Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Breadbox is the perfect alternative. In an age in which most kitchen appliances are made with stainless steel, the bread box would fit in beautifully with most kitchens.

At 11 x 17 x 7.5 inches, the Prime Pacific breadbox can easily accommodate a loaf or two of bread and some bagels or muffins, dinner rolls or hamburger buns. It's well ventilated, opens easily, and doesn't only look good but will keep your bread fresher longer.

So if you're tired of throwing out half a loaf of bread, or sick of looking at those loaves cluttering up your kitchen counter, may I suggest you be the first among your friends to get a sensible yet stylish storage house for all those baked goods. You may just start a trend.

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