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Kitchen 4 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery

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Pure Komachi Kai Knife Set This four piece set of very colorful knives from Kai USA, makers of the Pure Komachi series, is unique but doesn't have the practicality of a more mundane knife assortment. The flourinated resin coating, antibacterial and pretty, doesn't make up for the fact that two of the knives are virtual copies of one another and some of the basic tools of the kitchen, expected from basic sets like this, are completely missing.

What you do get are fancifully colored, ergonomically correct knives in a stamped steel design. The coating is durable and dishwasher safe, but not indestructible. Since the color is one of the best features in this set, you'd be well advised to wash them by hand. Not too many of us will find the 4 1/2" sushi knife indispensable; the 8 1/2" bread knife is good enough. Out of this set of four blades, I see two that are worthwhile.

Most of us are used to Santoku knives that do have the graton hollow grind, and we expect that of Santoku even if it isn't quite as efficient in use as in most advertisements. The Santoku you get in this set is just another stamped cook's knife.

While there's nothing terribly wrong with these knives--if you just want a set to bang around in the kitchen drawer--there's nothing great about them, either. Your money is better spent on knives that make sense.

Here's a larger Pure Komachi knife set that includes a special knife block as well.

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