Pyrex Clear Glass Bakeware

Storage 17 Piece Bake and Store Set

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Pyrex Clear Glass Bakeware If you want to bring some order to the overstuffed and disorganized drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, do yourself a favor and buy this set. I had made a resolution to get rid of my aging, mismatched (and potentially unhealthy) plastic storage containers that were taking up a lot of space in my kitchen. And I wanted to replace some very old, chipped and worn (and not in a charming way) casserole and smaller baking dishes with this set. I was able to replace all the above with this one set. Simplify, simplify, simplify?

This set can be used for anything. You have storage bowls for storage (well, duh!) and prep work. The cookware can be used for microwave cooking, baking, serving?or all the above in the same evening. And you can put them in the freezer, too.

"But wait, there's more." (I'm sorry but that overused phrase is so appropriate here.) You get a measuring cup, a pie pan, and a loaf pan for baking bread.

And the cherry on top: My favorite thing about this set is how well the pieces "nest" into one another for easy storage.

You can add these Pyrex mixing bowls to the set as well.

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  1. amber Says:

    hello i had a glass cake baking dish and lstntght it shattered in my oven there was nothing wrong with it.