Pyrex Smart Essentials Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set 8 Piece

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Pyrex Smart Essentials Kitchen MixingPyrex has always been a part of the kitchen for me. I grew up using Corningware bowls (a division of Pyrex) in my mother's house, and acquired a set when I lived in my first apartment via the local thrift store. That speaks as well to the durability of the product. As long as you don't drop these and smash them, they really do last forever.

Now the Pyrex folks have added a useful new twist to an already stellar product. This mixing bowl set comes with fitted lids made from a durable plastic. The bowls themselves come in four practical sizes and nest neatly inside each other for storage. As with all the Pyrex line, these are made from tempered glass. The bowls are suitable for use on the counter, in the oven or microwave, and are freezer safe.

Tempered glass has a few advantages over plastic for use and storage. It doesn't stain or pick up the smells and flavors of food. It is easy to clean due to its very hard non-porous surface, which also keeps it from being easily scratched during normal use. And the look - clear glass - fits in with any kitchen decor.

The lids that accompany this set are colorful, and the bowl size is clearly marked on the top. They stay on thanks to the large "lip" on the bowl's edge. This bowl set and the lids are all dishwasher safe; just don't try to use the bowls on the stovetop. Oven heat is fine but the direct heat of a burner will cause these to shatter. Likewise a rapid temperature change like pouring cold water into a hot bowl can break tempered glass. Just pay close attention to the use and care instructions that accompany these.

If you prefer the stainless steel look, check out this set from Cuisinart.

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