Rachael Ray Furi Coppertail Knife Set

Japanese 3 Piece Stainless Steel Santoku Cutlery

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Rachael Ray Furi Coppertail Knife Set Two Santoku style Chef's knives, with razor sharp blades designed to blend Eastern and Western traditions, are safely housed in a solidly built case of laminated bamboo--the entire package small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer. Although these Furi knives, designed for Chef Rachael Ray, have the thin hollow ground blades of traditional Santoku, the shape is that of a Western styled "cook's knife." Now you get the benefits of both--the razor sharpness and slicing precision of the Eastern type combined with the rocker shape of the Western knife so handy for chopping and mincing on a cutting board.

The Coppertail handles contain inserts of solid copper which can be filed away if you wear down the knife blades enough to unbalance the knives. That would take years and frankly I doubt anyone would notice that small a difference. As the knives change, we adapt. It's an interesting feature, though, and adds a unique look to this pair of fine knives.

Seamless construction does make these knives dishwasher safe, but hand washing is simple and much easier on the blades. The two blade lengths of 5" and 7" are adequate for most of the light work in the kitchen. The only concern expressed by those who buy this set is that they arrive sharp as razor blades. For cooks who are used to dull knives this can be a painful wakeup. Watch your fingers.

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