Rachael Ray Furi Pro Steak Knife Set

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Rachael Ray Furi Pro Steak Knife Set With many unique design features, the Furi Brands Pro series, endorsed by Chef Rachael Ray, has had a warm reception in the U.S. from both professional and home chefs. The unusual balanced shape of the company's larger knives, combined with the thin high quality blades, brings modern engineering improvements to older Japanese designs and has been the focus of several important design awards.

A similar pattern is obvious in this set of four steak knives--all metal seamless construction, the familiar dropped end of the handle, and the wedge shape of the grip that prevents fingers from slipping towards the blade are all here. Whether this very eye catching knife set emblazoned with the Furi brand name on both blade and handle will find a place on your table probably depends on how well it blends in with the place settings you already own. Such unusual knives as these don't blend well with traditional patterns.

Functionally, there's high quality here. Some features prominent on the larger prep knives, like the copper weighted handle end, serve no function in a steak knife and were left out. But the look of the knives is hard to mistake for anything but Furi, even without the brand name.

The usual storage box for Furi sets is bright orange plastic and definitely something to put away out of sight. Many online retailers have begun showing it only in black and white, so don't be surprised when you open the box. You may need your sunglasses.

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